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1. A common sense approach to In-Season strength training.
  Hopefully you have worked hard during the off-season to improve as an all around basketball player. Not only have you improved your ballhandling, shooting, passing and defending but you have also ...
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2. Suwanee Sports Academy Summer Basketball Camp Series
(Team News)
... game. This camp helps players build a solid foundation in the skills of shooting, passing, defense, and dribbling.  The camp will also feature daily contests and games to ensure each player has a ...
Created on 31 May 2017
3. Satellite Shooting Clinic
Shooting Clinic Currently Under Construction   ...
Created on 14 December 2016
4. Hoops360 and SBL Ballers Give Back with FREE THROWS FOR HAITI Community Service Project
(Team News)
... of a monetary donation for each free throw that is made when shooting ten free throws.  The proceeds from pledges will be sent directly to Haiti Child Sponsorship Program nonprofit organization to ...
Created on 14 December 2016
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... from every angle -- including, but not limited to: ball handling, shooting off the pass, shooting off the dribble, defense, rebounding, basketball IQ and game situation knowledge. The progressive ...
Created on 09 December 2016
6. Coach Howard's 6th Grade and Coach Austin's 8th Grade Teams Bring Home the Championship Hardware from the Spring Fling Tournament!
(Team News)
... run... after not having one of his best games, Brendan Quinn was fouled shooting a three point shot at the end of regulation. With us down by three points, Brendan knocked down all three free throws to ...
Created on 20 April 2016
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... (2), 8th grade (2), and 9th grade levels.  Hoops360 offers year-round training which is based on fundamentals and builds upon proper footwork, proper shooting form, proper defensive stance and positioning, ...
Created on 29 March 2016
8. Shooting Out of a Telephone Booth
Many basketball players can increase their shooting accuracy by improving the arch on their shot.  Steph Curry, one of the greatest shooters the game has ever seen, has a nearly perfect arch on his ...
Created on 23 March 2016
9. Where's the B.E.E.F.?
... THE BEEF,” as she opened a hamburger bun to find a barely visible hamburger patty. Well... as I watch basketball players of all levels struggle with shooting free throws, mid-range jump shots, and poor ...
Created on 03 February 2016
10. Curl Series - Shooting off the Pass
  Stay tight to the screen. Don't leave the defender any space. Set the defender up and then use counter moves. Work on different finishes off curls.   Here is a list of progressions ...
Created on 18 September 2014
11. NBA Draft/Evaluating Talent
... shooting, passing, defense, and rebounding.  He are some things that players need to think about, that coaches and scouts are looking for when they come to see you play. Size       ...
Created on 26 June 2014
12. Offseason Training Outlook
... the open floor, in pressure situations, off hand, go to and counter moves, confidence? 2.Shooting – off the pass, off the dribble, range, FT’s, form, consistency? 3.Passing – off hand passing, see ...
Created on 10 March 2014
13. Shooting Clinic Part 2 - Ball Placement
This is part 2 of our blog series on shooting technique from Suwanee Sports Academy’s shooting clinic held on October 12, 2013. This video focuses on ball placement to set you up for a successful ...
Created on 28 October 2013
14. Shooting Clinic Part 1 - Shot Science and Foot Placement
Suwanee Sports Academy held a shooting clinic on October 12, 2013. Bruce Kreutzer, Suwanee Sports Academy’s expert shooting coach spent three hours with players from the middle school level, then three ...
Created on 19 October 2013
15. Metabolic Conditioning Circuit for Basketball
... to shooting, passing, footwork, and finishing moves.  Basketball is a game where you use your feet to get you in position to use your hands. There is a big correlation to the quality of player’s footwork ...
Created on 11 September 2013
16. Reactionary Tennis Ball Drills for Basketball Players
... are drills in which the athlete has to react and make a decision.  In basketball we stress the fundamentals of shooting, passing, dribbling and so on.  The same goes for teaching movement skills.  ...
Created on 20 July 2013
17. Hoops-360 Skills & Drills
Footage from Hoops360 basketball program at Suwanee Sports Academy, which is a complete development program involving shooting off the dribble, shooting off the pass, ball handling, defense, speed/agility ...
Created on 24 May 2013
18. 5 Takeaways from Alan Stein's Cutting Edge Clinic
... in the best shape”, and that every movement on the basketball court from shooting to dribbling to defense is enhanced when a player has trained to become stronger, better conditioned, more explosive, and ...
Created on 28 January 2013
19. About
... Academy.   The facility itself has 7 NBA regulation basketball courts, a 12,000 square foot sports performance area and the Mark Price Shooting Lab.   Since 1997 Suwanee Sports Academy ...
Created on 18 December 2012
20. Courses
... and covers the essential elements for developing dominant basketball players.   Core curriculum addresses; footwork, ball-handling, body positioning, shooting off the pass and dribble, basketball ...
Created on 18 December 2012