Athletes who participate in Hoops 360 can choose between two locations.  All training takes place at Suwanee Sports Academy - Gwinnett or Suwanee Sports Academy - Cobb. 

Suwanee Sports Academy - Gwinnett      
3640 Burnette Road
Suwanee, GA 30024



Our regular access to first class facilities is just another reason that Hoops 360 is different than other "training" or team programs.  We have our calendar set for the entire year and time for consistent development, which makes it easier for parents to plan and for players to improve. 

About Suwanee Sports Academy - Gwinnett

Suwanee Sports Academy - Gwinnett is a 100,000 square foot facility with seven basketball courts.  In addition, the facility offers a 12,000 square foot dedicated sports performance area and on-site physical therapy. The facility is well known in national basketball circles.  Every year some of the best high school players come to SSA Gwinnett to compete and play in front of college coaches.  



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