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Stay tight to the screen. Don't leave the defender any space. Set the defender up and then use counter moves. Work on different finishes off curls.  

Here is a list of progressions to go through off the curl:

- Curl to Jump Shot

- Curl to Jab Step Jump Shot

- Curl to Lateral Fake,Jump Shot

- Curl to Shot Fake, Jump Shot

- Curl to Shot Fake, Jab, Jump Shot

- Curl to Shot Fake, Lateral Fake, Jump Shot

- Curl to Double Shot Fake, Jump Shot

- L-cut, Curl to Jump Shot

- L-cut, to Pop Out for Three

- L-cut, Sell Curl to Fade

- L-cut, Sell Curl to Backdoor

- Curl to Finishes – Inside Hand

- Curl to Finishes – Euro’s

- Curl to Finishes – Outside Hand

- Curl to Finishes – Outside Hand/Switch Hands

- Curl to Finishes – Ball Fake, Step Through

- Curl to Finishes – Dunk

- Curl to Finishes – Step Back

- Curl to re-screen, iso

- Curl to Backdown, Spin Move, Jump Shot


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