The HOOPS360 Summer basketball camp series provided outstanding basketball training for hundreds of campers, while creating basketball memories of a lifetime for enthusiasts of all ages! These camps allowed campers to experience basketball memories that do not happen every day!

It is such a special priviledge to be able to attend a basketball camp given by a NBA Hall of Famer such as Dominique Wilkins!  The opportunity to be in the gym with a coach who has accomplished as much on the basketball court as "Coach Wilkins" is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Dominique Wilkins is passionate about teaching kids how to play the game of basketball correctly and is involved with many aspects of making sure his camp stresses the importance of fundamentals basketball training.  Coach Wilkins is also very inspirational in teaching campers the lessons of life that can be learned on the basketball court -- including working hard, having a great attitude in life, perservering through difficult times, and believing in yourself to accomplish your goals and dreams!

In addition to having Dominique Wilkins at camp, this year's campers received an extra bonus when NBA ALL STAR center Dwight Howard stopped by to share some motivational words and encourage the campers! Dwight Howard is an Atlanta native and was playing with the hometown Atlanta Hawks until receently when he was traded to the Charlotte Hornets.

The HOOPS360 Shooting and Scoring Clinic featured Jr. NBA Shooting Coach Jim Corrona and received excellent reviews from the particpants and parents who attended the weekend event. Coach Corrona did a FANTASTIC job teaching the correct shooting and scoring techniques with a variety of exercises and drills.  Each player became a better shooter over the weekend, and received a 21 - Day Shooting Diary to track their progress to continue becoming a better shooter!

Finally, The HOOPS360 Point Guard Academy had the pleasure of hosting one of the area's top point guards in the likes of Norcross High School graduate and Duke University Signee, Jason Goldwire!

Mr. Goldwire spoke to the campers about the qualities of a good poing guard and shared some of the trials and tribulations he had to overcome to be able to reach his goals. Although Jason received a full basketball scholarship to play at one of the top schools in the nation and for one of the best coaches in the history of the game, he still feels he has a lot to prove at the next level and encouraged our campers to never stop working and never stop believing!

The HOOPS360 Summer basketball camp series features fundamentals basketball training in three to four camps during the summer.  The camps are coached by our professional coaching staff which includes some of the areas top high school and junior high school coaches, as well as some college basketball players who have trained with us in the past, or are friends of the program.

In addition to the The 2nd Annual Dominique Wilkins Basketball Camp, The Shooting and Scoring Clinic, and The Point Guard Academy, HOOPS360 also hosted the Rookies Basketball Camp at the beginning of the month of June for beginning players in Kindergarden through the fifth grade.

HOOPS360 Fall basketball training registration is now open and can be found at the following link: