Hoops360 InSeason

Hoops360 InSeason meets on Sunday evenings during the basketball season.  The InSeason program allows players to keep their skills fined-tuned and continue to work on their weaknesses during the season.   Most team practices focus on team philosophy and strategy, which leaves little time for individual development. Most coaches agree that "teams are made during the season and players are made in the offseason."   Hoops360 InSeason gives players the opportunty to continue to develop even during the season.  

All training takes place at Suwanee Sports Academy - Gwinnett

Suwanee Sports Academy - Gwinnett      
3640 Burnette Road
Suwanee, GA 30024



InSeason Training Schedule (Gwinnett) 

Dates: November 6, 13, 20, 27.  December 4, 11, 18. January 8, 22.  February 5.

Schedule: Sundays from 5:00-6:30pm

Ages: Boys Grades 5-12 & Girls Grades 7-12

Cost: Hoops360 InSeason costs $320, which is broken into 2 payments.  The first payment is due when you register for the program.  The second payment is due December 1st.

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The Basketball Training Seasons

We break the basketball year into four distinct training seasons.  For each season we design a specific progression of training to maximize performance.  Athletes can participate in only one season, but we highly recommend participating in multiple seasons each year. 

Gwinnett Training Seasons & Days

Season Months Weekly Training Days
Travel Season     March thru May       Monday, Tuesday or Thursday & Sunday
Summer June thru July Monday & Thursday
PreSeason August thru October          Monday, Thursday & Sunday
InSeason November thru February Sunday


The Training Sessions

Athletes attend Hoops360 one to three times per week depending on the training season (see table above).  Each meeting time lasts 1.5 hours and the player will participate in a variety of basketball related courses all designed to help them become a dominant player.  Every 1.5 hour training session includes "Core Hoops360" training as well as one and usually two focus "courses."  Focus courses are meant to reinforce the Core training program while also going deeper into specific areas of development.  Focus courses might last 2 weeks or up to 6 weeks.  


Drills in Action



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